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Here is our news report on Guinness’ use of social media, I hope you enjoy it!


What I Have Learned in NTFM Class.


So I have come to the end of my first blog and the question remains; What have I learned from my NTFM class?

First off, I learned what a blog really was and how to create one. Before this class I had an idea what blogging was all about but I had no idea about the vast amount of companies that actually have blogs to help with their marketing. With the rise of social media in recent years, online marketing has become huge and most major and local companies have some form of online presence, be it Facebook, Twitter or a blog.

Prior to my NTFM module I had not studied online marketing in depth and I have to say I have really enjoyed it, in fact NTFM was probably my favourite class this semester! I believe I have learned a lot of relevant material in this class that will help me in my future career – such as how to manage a blog, how to use LinkedIn and Pinterest and also how to interact with potential clients through the use of social media. With the growth of social media marketing and the predicted future growth I think that as Marketing students this subject should be compulsory to us for the entirety of the degree as it will be vital for us to have in-depth knowledge of social media marketing when we graduate.

Another thing I have learned from the NTFM class is that TED talks are actually interesting! The prospects of a 20 minute talk seems daunting at the beginning of a class but I found that the time flew and I both enjoyed the talks and learned something from them – I even found myself watching TED talks on Youtube outside of class time! This is my favourite TED talk so far – I had never thought about the concept of filter bubbles and I found this talk extremely interesting.

So as my social media blog comes to an end I have to say, I am going to miss blogging! So who knows? You might see me in the future running the blog of a multinational company and it will be all thanks to this NTFM module:) So to all my readers and followers, thank you! You’ve made my blogging seem worthwhile.

I will be posting a video here shortly on Guinness’ use of social media. I hope you all enjoy it, goodbye for now!

#Addicted to Twitter

Not even the slightest bit to be honest about it! Yes I do have a Twitter page that I sometimes use, but looking back over it now….my whole page is entirely pointless! My last post dated March 12th was “Im sleeping these days more than I’m awake #burntout” Like honestly….114 people have opted to “follow” me and all they are getting in return is me telling them how tired I am? Although I do update my Twitter a few times a month..Im just basically whinging into Cyberspace hoping for….well… I actually don’t know what I’m hoping to achieve out of it?

My main reason for having a Twitter account was really to see what all the hype was as everyone was talking about Twitter at the time I set up my account. I had no idea what it was but all of a sudden…BAM Im following 663 people, mostly celebrities and brands that I like. Woops.. Even though Im not an avid tweeter, I am definetly a Twitter watcher and I must admit, I do enjoy seeing celebrities slating each other through tweets!

Here are some interesting statistics about Twitter that I have found. One fact states that the average Twitter user has 27 followers, I feel important now! 🙂

Although personally I am not addicted to Twitter, I know that Twitter Addiction is a real thing and I actually found an article called “How to Defeat a Twitter Addiction in 9 Steps” which I though was quite hilarious as personally I don’t see how you could possibly get addicted to Twitter!

Even though I am a watcher on Twitter, I am most definetly not addicted to it and honestly if Twitter was to disappear off the face of the planet tomorrow It would have absolutely no impact on my life..which is not something I could say about Facebook..

I will leave you with this video which I hope you will enjoy 🙂


Surfing the web in a Filter Bubble

A world constructed from the familiar is a world in which there’s nothing to learn … (since there is) invisible autopropaganda, indoctrinating us with our own ideas.
—Eli Pariser in The Economist, 2011

To be honest, before I watched this video the concept of filter bubbles had never even crossed my mind! I am well aware that Google’s search results are adapted to suit different people based on location, lifestyle etc but I was quite surprised when Eli revealed the search results from two of his friends who searched “Egypt” and got completely different results.

The concept of “filter bubbles” is similar to that of the “relevance paradox“, where the internet may lead people to blind spots by isolating information it sees as relevant and not listing information is sees as irrelevant; however in many cases this “irrelevant” material may in fact be directly relevant to the person and sometimes may in fact be directly necessary to this same person for them to make sense of the “relevant” material.

I found Eli’s argument very interesting as I began to think about my own web experience. What sites are depicted as being relevant or irrelevant to me? What am I missing out on by not being given the option to view these irrelevant pieces of information? I believe I am not the only one with these questions as there is a search engine dedicated especially to “provide a clean interface together with a no-tracking privacy policy” That search engine is called DuckDuckGo.

I believe that with the technology that is available nowadays, people are getting quite scared about just how much information the internet store about you from your internet history. DuckDuck go aim to provide results to people that are not personalized to them by their internet history and The Washington Post stated that “He can do almost everything that Google or Bing can’t because it could damage their business models, and if users figure out that they like the DuckDuckGo way better, Weinberg could damage the big boys without even really trying. It’s asymmetrical digital warfare, and his backers at Union Square Ventures say Google is vulnerable.” In late 2012, Google identified DuckDuckGo as a competitor, proving the point that Google has become just too intrusive and too personally tailored and I believe people are beginning to show doubts about their faith in Google.

While on the lookout for negative articles on filter bubbles and data storage I was quite shocked to come across an article linking me to a site called  “Google Health” which has since been discontinued. I find it hard to believe anyone would ever make their medical records available for the entire internet!

Interestingly enough I could not really find any negative articles about Google through Google….but I found a lot of them through Yahoo!

Is Facebook taking over our lives?

This whole blog post could be condensed into three simple letters….YES. Facebook is absolutely 100% taking over our lives!! Well mine anyway.. I wake up in the morning, Facebook. I go to college, Facebook. I go out at night and wake up the next morning to only see I have been tagged in 40 pictures in 3 different tagged locations, its a stalkers paradise! Facebook has become just SO addictive that I cannot bear to spend a day away from it for fear that I might miss out on something..subconsciously I know I wouldn’t, but between my smart phone and CIT’s wireless internet, boredom often leads me to mindlessly scrolling through my news-feed for a lot longer than I would like to admit!

According to SocialBakers 48.15% of Irish people use Facebook, which is 2,225,720 people. To me that is a huge number! Shockingly enough our 2,225,720 accounts only put us in 62nd place in terms of Facebook statistics by country. In comparison, there are 163,071,460 registered American accounts. With such a large volume of the world population on Facebook and the Wall Street Journal reporting that the average person spends 405 minutes on Facebook per month, I don’t see how anyone could disagree that Facebook is taking over our lives! For those who don’t agree that Facebook impacts lives in a major way…just read this. That may be an extreme case but it just goes to show the damage Facebook obsession is causing in some peoples lives..

In particular I believe Facebook is controlling the lives of young people. Take a look at the fact and figures for yourself from this report from September 2012 regarding people aged 18-25. In fact, Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD) is an actual recognized disorder with identified symptoms. All in all I do believe Facebook is taking over our lives. Most of us might not admit it, but we are addicted and I do not seeing this getting any better. If anything, it is going to get worse as technology progresses.

I leave you with this video which I hope you will watch. I found it very entertaining, enjoy! 🙂

Apps are dead – long live mobile marketing!

So I’m back this time more informed and understanding of the blogging world. I have spent the last week reading other people’s blogs on social media and I have came across a lot of blogs that seem to be just copied and pasted lists of facts that were very unappealing and uninteresting to me as they had no personal touch or interaction. Therefore, I hope that by taking a personal, informal tone my blog will be appealing to people to read! That’s the plan anyway, we’ll have to wait and see how this goes..

Anyway, this weeks theme is “Apps are dead – long live mobile marketing!” I have to say I personally agree with this statement to an extent. As an owner of a smartphone that has all the technology to enable me to use apps, I only have 2 apps downloaded to my phone (Music Downloader and Instagram) and I have never used the pre-installed apps such as YouTube. I just find that mobile internet is sufficient enough for me to do what I need to do and Iv had quite a few experiences with apps where they have slowed down my phone, froze or just not worked at all! For example the Facebook app and the Facebook mobile site now are pretty much similar as you can see here. They are so similar that personally I don’t see the point in downloading the app and I would not and have not done it myself.

On the other hand, I can see why people use apps.  As of 2012 84million people worlwide use smartphones or iPhones and from games to online shopping to educational apps, there is literally an app for every type of need a person can have! I do believe apps are a useful tool and the facts here speak from themselves but personally to me, I believe that the mobile internet has been developed to a high enough standard for the apps to no longer be necessary. I’m not saying I believe apps are totally dead, but personally I do not see the hype about them.

To help you make up your mind, I have found a very interesting video which I think you all should watch.